Travis and Owen present their first posters at the Mid-Atlantic Meeting on Attention (MAMA)

The Gaspelin Lab (Spring 2019)

Owen Adams, Travis Talcott, Nick, & Victoria Tkacikova

Tisnue Jean-Baptiste presents a poster at Psi Chi Research Fair (Spring 2019)

Victoria Tkacikova and Sophie Ambrosino testing an ERP experiment (Spring 2018)

Nick & Eric Ruthruff in an Ames Room Illusion (VSS Demo Night, 2017)

The Luck Lab (Spring 2017)

Andrew Stewart, Gi Yeul Bae, Felix Bacigalupo, Baby Felito, Nick Gaspelin, Orestis Pappioannou, Aaron Simmons, Steve Luck

The Ruthruff Lab (Fall 2010)

Nick Gaspelin, Eric Ruthruff, Kyunghun Jung, and other lab members.